CINCINNATI, Ohio (WSPD) -- A federal lawsuit seeking to strike down Ohio's gay marriage ban and allow same-sex couples to marry in the state was filed Wednesday. It's the latest in a series of lawsuits dealing with Ohio's same-sex marriage ban.

"Today we're doing the third phase which is asking the court to allow marriage in the state of Ohio," said Jennifer Branch, the lead attorney on the case.

Six couples are involved in the lawsuit.

The couples argue that they shouldn't be treated any differently than other couples.

"We all own homes here, we pay taxes here, we have family and friends here. It's not fair to ask us to go to another state to get married," said Mary Koehler who wants to get married to her partner Heather Apple.

Attorney General Mike DeWine has said he will continue to defend the gay marriage ban, passed overwhelmingly by Ohio voters in 2004.

The same law firm that filed this lawsuit is involved in a February lawsuit that asking federal Judge Timothy Black to force Ohio to recognize out-of-state same sex marriages. That case is pending appeal.

This latest case has been assigned to Judge Michael Barrett.