Toledo City Chief of Staff Bob Reinbolt will be cited for running a red light and using the lights and sirens on his vehicle during the water crisis. The Toledo Blade reported that Reinbolt was caught on dashcam video by a Toledo Police officer. Reinbolt's vehicle is equipped with lights and sirens as part of his position as the city's Safety Director. 

In a statement Thursday, Mayor D. Michael Collins said that Reinbolt has asked to be treated like a regular citizen and would undergo additional counseling on the city's pursuit policy. 

The mayor's full statement:
"“After reviewing the several second video of Safety Director Bob Reinbolt driving through an intersection that has been the focus of some local media – Safety Director Reinbolt has asked to be treated in the same manner as any member of the safety forces under his responsibility would be subject to.  Therefore, he received counseling from Deputy Chief Don Kenney on the City’s revised pursuit policy.  We believe that laws that exist should be equally applied; hence a red light citation has been issued to Mr. Reinbolt.”