FINDLAY, Ohio (WSPD) -- A second family has come forward alleging an elementary teacher in Hancock County abused their child.

Bryce and April Blanton of Forest, Ohio  filed a report with the Hancock County Sheriff Saturday. The Blanton's 8-year-old, who has Asperger's Syndrome, was a student in Barb William's class at Riverdale Elementary School two years ago. They claim their son didn't want to go to school and had bruises on his body. He was also sent home with a photo of Williams with a message telling him not to talk out loud. Williams asked the parents to read it daily to their son.

Williams caught international attention after a surveillance video showed her yelling at and pushing Ian Nelson up against a wall.

"What I would like to get done right now is a fair and impartial investigation of these allegations of abuse," said Dan Margolis, an attorney representing both families.

The Hancock County Sheriff's Office says they are taking both cases very seriously and continue to investigate all claims. Since it's an ongoing investigation there isn't much information they are willing to release.

Margolis worries there could be other victims out there.

"Both of these children kept their mouth shut. They were very hesitant to talk about what happened to them," he said.

Williams pleaded not guilty to child endangering charges filed after the incident with Nelson. She was suspended from her job by the Riverdale Local Schools.