COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- A bill to repeal Common Core standards in Ohio has been introduced at the Statehouse. It would replace the federal standards with what supporters of the bill call "proven, high standards and assessments." They also aim to ensure student data is confidential.

"This one size-fits-all, top down approach has not worked in the past and is not likely to work in the future," said State Rep. Andy Thompson, a Republican from Marietta.

State Rep. Matt Huffman sees Common Core as an intrusion by the federal government into education.

"Most the things, especially when they try to implement a 50 part system, ends up failing miserably," said the Lima Republican.

Huffman wants to see the bill get hearings as early as the second or third week of August.

It's unclear whether the bill could pass. Districts already are well on their way to implementing the standards, which have the backing of a diverse coalition including teachers' unions and community and business groups.

Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper says a repeal would create chaos for school districts. She says some large urban districts have spent two years preparing for the launch.

Huffman admits it's an uphill battle with some in his own caucus in opposition, but he says something has to be done.

"We can't just watch as the ship smashes into the rocks," Huffman said.