DAYTON, Ohio (WSPD) -- One person was wounded and the suspect is in custody after a shooting at the VA Medical Center on the west side of Dayton Monday.

Police say Neil Moore walked into the medical center building around 12:15 p.m. He apparently confronted Paul Burnside who was shot in the ankle.

"He actually struggled with Mr. Moore over the weapon and that's when he was shot," said Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl.

Moore then left the VA campus. He showed up at Good Samaritan Hospital about a half-hour later where he arrived seeking psychiatric services.

Moore was taken to Dayton Police headquarters where he was being interviewed. Biehl wasn't sure of a motive.

Police are also investigating how Moore got from the VA Medical Center to Good Samaritan Hospital.

Moore is from the Dayton suburb of Trotwood. He had retired from the housekeeping department at the VA Medical Center.

The VA Medical Center's Dayton campus is closed for the rest of the day and veterans who need emergency services should go to their local hospital.