Olive Garden Selling Lifetime Pasta Pass For One Week Only

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Olive Garden’s famed unlimited ‘Pasta Pass’ is finally making a comeback. The 'Never Ending Pasta Pass' will officially go on sale Thursday (Aug. 15) at 2pm, but this year Olive Garden is taking things up a notch.

The traditional Pasta Pass, which costs $100, offers fans nine weeks of unlimited pastas and sauces from the restaurant's Never Ending Pasta Bowl menu, as well as unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks.This year, though, Olive Garden will sell the $500 Lifetime Pasta Pass guaranteeing you, well, a lifetime of pasta at Olive Garden.

Olive Garden shared the exciting news on Instagram on Monday (Aug. 12). "We can't keep it a secret any longer: Your pasta dreams have COME TRUE!" the restaurant chain captioned a photo of the lifetime pasta pass membership card. There's some delicious looking pasta in the background, too, of course.

The Lifetime Pass is quite similar to the traditional pass. Customers who are able to purchase the Lifetime Pasta Pass will also be able to order unlimited pastas and sauces from the restaurant's Never Ending Pasta Bowl menu, except their pass lasts much longer than a measly nine weeks. And, yes, unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks are included in the Lifetime Pass Membership.

Since Olive Garden is only selling 50 Lifetime Pasta Passes, it's going to be pretty competitive out there. Here's how you can get a Lifetime Pass Pasta Pass. First you have to purchase the traditional pasta pass on Thursday. This won't be as difficult to lock down because Olive Garden will sell 24,000 nine-week passes. Once you successfully purchase the nine-week Pasta Pass, you must then opt-in for the chance to be selected for the Lifetime Pass. The first 50 people that opt-in will be given the change to upgrade their Pasta Pass.

Check your email on Friday (Aug. 16) to see if you're one of the chosen few for the Lifetime Pasta Pass. After receiving your email, you'll have 48 hours to pay the additional $400 for the Lifetime Pasta Pass. If you aren't selected for the Lifetime Pasta Pass, you can still enjoy your nine-week unlimited pasta pass from September 23rd-November 24th of this year.

Happy eating!

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