'Dr. Cox’ Drops By The ‘Scrubs’ Rewatch Podcast

On The Set Of "Scrubs"

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It was a mini Scrubs reunion on the Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald podcast when John C. McGinley called in to chat with his close friends and former castmates.

"We wanted to have you on the show,” Zach Braff told him. “We miss you and we love you and we just wanted to talk.”

While McGinley's “Dr. Cox” may have a strained relationship with Donald Faison and Braff’s characters on-screen, the Scrubs star is anything but annoyed by the two fake doctors in real life. The last time the three actors saw each other was at an Easter party hosted by Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence. The same party where Faison met Harrison Ford.

“I was filled with so much love seeing you guys at Easter,” said McGinley. “My cup was full seeing my Zachy (Braff) and my D-Fizzle (Faison). You have no idea.”

Throughout the podcast, the two hosts fill their guest in on their favorite moments from the season six episode “My Therapeutic Month.” The episode packs a lot of crazy moments into its 25 minute runtime, including "Janitor" becoming a mutton chop enthusiast and "Laverne" flying like a bird through the hospital parking lot.

“Those writers were on fire,” said McGinley. “The storytelling is sublime, it's fantastic.”

To hear the entire episode breakdown check out “My Therapeutic Month with John C. McGinley” on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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