Justin Bieber Happily Shows Off New Addition To His Look

Photo: Getty Images

Justin Bieber has added something new to his look...the "Honest" singer got custom diamond grills and has been showing them off on Instagram nonstop since getting them!

Bieber tagged celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang in his initial post, who posted a video of himself molding the singer's teeth for the grills earlier this month. Dang has worked with celebrities including Tyga, Travis Scott, Lil Pump, Quavo, Kodak Black, and more per Page Six. The publication pointed out that the "jeweler’s website has diamond grills available to purchase starting at $600 per tooth — or $12,000 for a maximum of 20 teeth in SI diamonds, with options to upgrade the quality to VVS for double the price." Bieber previously got grills on his lower teeth back in 2019.

See the photos below.

Bieber recently revealed in an interview that his new album is "almost done." "I don’t think there’s a date yet, but I do know that we’re wrapping it up. It’s almost done. It sounds really good. I’m really excited about it. I got a lot of cool features and yeah, it should be dropping not too long from now," he said. The singer also shared that John Mayer would be on the album in a "wicked" feature.

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