John Legend Shocked By Lookalike Contestant On 'The Voice'

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John Legend met his twin on a recent episode of The Voice. On Monday night (October 2nd), 34-year-old contestant Talakai hit the stage and sang a soulful rendition of Sam Smith's hit "Stay with Me." After singing the chorus once, Legend was the first judge to turn his chair around and he was shocked to see that the person on stage looked just like him.

Before his audition was over, Reba McEntire also turned her chair around. Before the other two judges Niall Horan and Gwen Stefani turned around, Legend leaned over to warn them, "Wait until you see his face." He added, "I'm looking at myself! Like, a taller, more handsome version of myself."

"What's up, twin?" Talakai joked into his mic. Legend, still shocked by how much the contestant looked like him, added, "On the internet, a lot of times people will send me pictures of people that they think look like me. Most of the time, I’m like, ‘Not really.’ Then I turn around and look at you and we have the same haircut. I’m like, ‘He really, legitimately looks like me.’”

This wasn't news for Talakai though. "Every day at work, I get it. In school, they used to sing 'Ordinary People' down the hallway all the time," he said. Legend responded, “I’m sorry I’ve been haunting you. But now you’re on The Voice and I would love to have you on Team Legend.” Talakai of course ended up choosing Team Legend but Reba made sure to let him know how much she enjoyed his audition. "I’ll tell you: I absolutely love your voice, your range. I know I don’t have a chance against John. I just wanted to come out and watch you. I'm already a huge fan, so welcome to The Voice.”

New episodes of The Voice air every Monday on NBC.

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