Blac Chyna Breaks Down Surprise Cameo In Wendy Williams Documentary

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Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna, got emotional while talking about her unexpected cameo in the Wendy Williams documentary.

The 35-year-old model sat down with Amber Rose and Entertainment Tonight's Deidre Behar to discuss her relationship with Williams, her involvement with the production, and supporting the former talk show host amid health struggles and legal battles.

White made a surprise appearance in Lifetime's Where Is Wendy Williams? where she tearfully spoke with Williams about how much she held her down through her "darkest times." The daytime TV star took off her wig during the vulnerable moment and they even hugged.

According to White, she had no idea cameras were waiting to record their conversation.

"I just went over to her house," she remarked about her spontaneous visit to Williams' home.

The relationship started off rocky when Williams negatively talked about White during the Hot Topics segment on The Wendy Williams Show. The public tension between them soon transformed into a tight-knit bond after the model appeared on the iconic show in 2020.

"I'm like, 'This lady always is seriously attacking me,' and I was like, 'OK, I’m doing her show 'cause when I do her show, she's gonna meet me and I already know when she meets me, we're gonna probably be friends or either be friends or she'll chill out on me with all that negative stuff,'" White told Behar.

She continued, "So I did the show and while we're sitting there on the set she's like, 'I have to get your number, I have to get your number.' She was like, 'Let's go to dinner tonight’ and I was like, 'Yes.' She's like, 'Let's get a bunch of food,' I'm like, 'Yes.' We ordered so much food, we had a great time. I really like Wendy."

Williams' team revealed she was diagnosed frontotemporal dementia and aphasia back in February. The former talk show host's family is still fighting for her guardianship after it was revoked in 2022.

White defended the documentary's existence amid criticism, saying the series shed light on Wendy's struggles. The model also touched on her battle with alcoholism and how the documentary helps destigmatize people suffering from mental health issues and addiction.

"I feel like ... people actually do need to see it 'cause it is happening and it can really, honestly happen to anybody, you just never know," she explained. "It did make me upset 'cause the struggling with the alcohol like that was one of my things struggling with the alcohol. So to see Wendy, you know, struggling obviously with the alcohol and her substances over the years, you know, it hurts and it's like the alcohol part with me, so it's like I can relate to that." 

You can watch the exclusive interview below.

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