Hot Coil Challenge

First thing's first; I totally love the internet and the fun it can bring, but there is one thing that is getting absolutely out of hand and they're social media challenges.  It almost seems like every week there is a new one and every week it seems like we have become dumber as a society.  A few weeks ago we had the Tide Pod Challenge where kids were eating Tide Pods like they were candy.  


Now let's get to the next challenge: The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. This one got people to plump their lips so they would look like Kylie's after a treatment.  While most people's lips eventually went back to normal, some did real damage to theirs.  


The No Lackin Challenge made news a few weeks ago after a man was shot because people were literally pointing their guns at each other 


This brings us to this week's challenge: The Hot Coil Challenge.  Remember when you were little and your parents had to tell you not to touch the stove when it was hot for you to learn? This genius probably needs to re-learn that lesson.  He actually placed his arm on one of the burners for internet likes.    


Now i know that these are not going away anytime soon, but I hope we start to smarten up a little and bring things back like the Ice Bucket Challenge.  It probably won't happen, but a boy can dream.  

Chris Proctor

Chris Proctor

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