Proctor's Daily Dump 2-16-18

I went to go see Black Panther last night.  I was originally going to wait until the weekend, but I did not want the spoilers to ruin the movie for me.  Look we all know the good guy wins in the end, but it's the journey to how we get there that makes us love superhero movies as much as we do.  Black Panther did not disappoint in that fashion, but I do wish some things were different.  I'll get in to some of those below without giving away spoilers.  

Loki has seemed to be the best villain that Marvel has given us on the big screen until now.  Eric Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan, is definitely fighting for the title and just trust me when I say, you will want more Killmonger!  This is all I am really going to say about the movie.  It hits all things you need for a good superhero movie and you will enjoy it.  Now go see it so we can start giving away spoilers.


Also, shoutout to my boy Joshua Buchanan for killing it at the theater in full a Black Panther costume


I really hope this was a joke, but it's ok if these women are being serious.  Strippers are interesting people.  The priorities they express in this prayer make me want to hug my non-existent daughter tighter at night lol.  


You know I love pizza, and I would love for this thing to be delivered to me.  The only bad this thing didn't come out before the Big Game a few weeks ago.  


The Karate Kid is bad, even though he's kind of the Karate Middle Aged Man

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