Proctor's Daily Dump 3-6-18

I honestly don't remember much of the first Mary Poppins and the last time it was referenced in my life was Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  The classic Disney film is coming back with a sequel after many years.  Check the trailer below


I know everyone is excited about their Girl Scout Cookies, but today is National Oreo Day!!!!!! Oreo 


If they really are going on tour I'm going to need to find a friend with an American Express Card to get me pre-sale tickets. I've seen Beyonce a few times in concert, but I have never seen my favorite rapper live.  That actually makes me fell like a bad fan.   


This is today's Dummy of the Day.  First what makes you think watching porn on an airplane is OK? Secondly what makes you think getting naked while watching said porn on said airplane is also OK?

Chris Proctor

Chris Proctor

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