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Amazon has sold a ton of it's Echo products and people are using Alexa to do a lot of different things.  One thing people were not expecting was their personal assistant to laugh at them for no reason.  It's actually pretty damn creepy to hear, especially when you aren't expecting it.  


Coke-Cola is finally getting in the booze game, too bad their first offerings will only be in Japan.  


The beef between McDonald's and Wendy's is always interesting on social media, now the rivalry is getting more interesting IRL.  McDonalds will now be serving fresh beef in some of their burgers, so that is one less thing Wendy's can say they have over the burger giant.  

This is probably a welcomed changed given the current demand for more fresh and healthier options in the fast food space.  The real question is, will this convince millennials to visit the golden arches more often? The other question is, how will Wendy's shade them on Twitter? 

Chris Proctor

Chris Proctor

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