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Why is Tom Brady so hated?

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots last night beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51 34-28 in overtime.   Tom Brady now has 5 Super Bowl Wins, more than any other quarterback in the history of the game. This stat alone sets him apart from all other quarterbacks.   But he was already one of the greatest QB's prior to last night.  

What I don't fully understand is why people, lots of people hate Tom Brady.  I understand that Deflategate adds a lot of fuel to the fire.  And that Spygate adds to a dislike of Bill Belichick and the Patriots, of which Tom Brady is the QB.  But other teams have been in trouble for breaking rules, and the level of hate doesn't seem to be near the same or even close in comparison.  

One idea is that people are envious.  Tom has on success on and off the field.  He's had a long successful career, and he is married to a Super Model, who make more money than he does.  I don't think the envy in itself is a major part of what people don't like about him. 

It seems some of it stems from his connection to Bill Belichick who many don't like due to his personality. 

Some of it seems to do with the dislike of the New England area in general that goes back hundreds of years. 

Another factor in the hate of Tom Brady is that he went to Michigan.  Since I live in Ohio and have many friends of the Ohio State Buckeyes there is some school rivalry feelings of hate that I tend to see through social media.  If I didn't have as many Ohio State fans as friends the amount of hate might be less. 

Maybe it is all of the above, and maybe there doesn't need to be a reason.  

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