Today is National Pizza Day

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Today is #NationalPizzaDay! Celebrated on February 9th.  Here are some interesting facts about pizza you might not have known.  For example : The average person eats 23 lbs of pizza each year... 

We originally posted the info for this photo gallery.  The Best Toledo Pizza Places you have to try.

Here are some pizza deals you can take advantage of from national chains

The following is a list of Toledo area pizza places that Scott Hammer and I "researched".  

  • HomeSlice
  • Rivals
  • Capers
  • Inky's
  • Jo-Jo's
  • Myles *Myles owner retired and is no longer open they get honorable mention
  • The Village Idiot
  • Aimee's
  • Jcupp's

I am also adding Royal and Mamma Mary's to the list