What would you do? (2018 goals)

Have you set your goals for 2018?  What are they, financial, personal, spiritual, maybe health or physical fitness related?  I haven't set mine, I usually don't set a specific goal.  I often think about things I'd like to accomplish or change in my life.   But, those ideas don't usually get anywhere.   That's not to say I haven't set goals in the past and accomplished anything.  I have.  The most successful of these goals was my return to UT to finish my Bachelors degree.   Which I did in 2011.  That same year Julia was born.  Since then,  Emma was also born.   So here I am Married to my beautiful wife, we have a home, careers and two beautiful little ladies. Being a family man, has consumed most of my life.   Surviving that has really been my goal now that I think about it.

I thought about setting some really unusual or ridiculous goals just to set some.    For example, having a million dollars.  That's why I included the above clip from the movie Office Space.   Having a million dollars is probably more along the lines of a lifetime goal.  Having an unusual goal would in my mind be a creative spark that might help me get going on more reasonable goals.   An example of an unusual goal that  I seen was someone said completing a game of Monopoly.  Although tame, that would be a challenge.   I had a similar thought about Monopoly, but my goal would be to own Boardwalk and Park Place at the same time. 

If I had to set some objectives I'd like to accomplish, I'll make a list down below. I use the word objectives, because I feel like a goal should have a quantifiable target.  These are more general, and some of them I'm not sure how to gauge. 

  • Pray more.  In the past year my wife and I have been exploring our faith more. Prayer is an important part of that journey.
  • Parent better.   Raising our little girls is an important part of my life. We only get one chance and it may be the best thing I can do to contribute to the world.
  • Improve the financial health of our family.  This is perhaps the most complicated.
  • Walk more.  I'd really like to be more physically active in my life.  Walking seems to be the most convenient way to make that happen. 
  • Produce more video content.   I have been really into YouTube this past year.  I would really like to start vlogging or publishing more video.  
  • Volunteer. I'd like to look back and say that I spent time helping others. 

I would really like to look back on 2018 and say I did these things. But I know my track record.  The above objectives maybe need some more refinement.