A Night Out With My Ladies

Disney On Ice with Family

Disney On Ice with Family

We had a busy week this week with the family.  Every night this week we had something going on away from home after work and school.  We had dance practices, basketball game, and church.   One of the nights we took our girls to see Disney On Ice.  The show is at the Huntington Center in Toledo this weekend. 

Pictured above, is myself, Emma(in the glasses), then Julia, and the beautiful Laine Riggs.

Julia was a little upset at this point since we didn't buy any souvenirs.  We weren't going to spend the extra money for those since money is tight right now.  However at the intermission, Laine gave in and we got the girls slushy's with collectible mugs.

The show was great and the girls enjoyed it.  The were pretty glued to the action on the ice.  

I was worn out by the end of the night, and so were our little ones.