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Random Thoughts

By now, you are probably aware of the shooting that happened at a Florida High School.  17 reported dead, 15 others injured, when  a 19 year old Nikolas Cruz, a former student of the high school "allegedly" shoot students and staff.   Although I think he has admitted to the crime at this point.

This story has a lot of moving parts.

I have a few random thoughts.

I think we all agree this is a problem.   Our kids shouldn't have to worry about a shooting happening at their school or any where.   This is tragic.

I don't think there is realistically anything we can do to prevent all future shootings.   But our goal should be to drastically reduce them.   I believe and understand that reducing them means reducing the amount of guns available or access to them.

There are already laws against killing people.  More laws, might help but other actions are needed.  Gun buy backs, and security for schools are examples, there may be others. 

Just because the Bill Of Rights is old, doesn't make it obsolete.  Be careful about giving up freedoms.

Not all Americans love guns.  Based on peoples comments on social that seems to be the popularly held belief.   According to a brief search on the interwebs, only about 1/4 of Americans own guns.  

There seems to be a deep miss understanding about how the government works.   The President is not the king,  Congress writes laws.

Do HIPAA laws, prevent third parties from finding out your current state of mental health in a background check?  I really don't know.  If that is the case a background check as it currently is won't get you enough information about a person trying to buy a gun. 

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