New For The Office: Amazon Alexa

It's not the best picture, but that is our new Amazon Alexa for our office.  We were asked to have one so that we could get accustomed to it and experience a smart speaker.  There are other brands and devices but this is the one we got.  It is only set up to a generic account so that we can use it for a few things.   Mainly so that we can use it for listening to iHeartRadio. So there are a number of functions that we aren't able to use since it isn't connected to a person account. 

I did find an article from December that highlights some of the commands and questions you can ask Alexa.  You can get that here from CNET

We were told that adoption of smart speakers are growing faster than cell phones and more than 75% of homes cold have one by 2020.

do you have a smart speaker?