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List Top 10 Baseball Movies

We have the unofficial start of spring upon us, opening weekend of baseball.  I thought I would share the top ten grossing baseball movies.  It may not be the best baseball movies, but that is more subjective.  These are the top grossing baseball movies.  

10. "Major League" $49.7 Million - I was surprised by this but, I'm an Indians fan.  I would have thought it would higher on the list.

9. "Angles in the Outfield" $50.2 Million

8. "Bull Durham" $50.8 Million

7. "Rookie of the Year" $53.6 Million 

6. "The Benchwarmers" $59.8 Million

5. "Field of Dreams" $64.4 Million

4. "The Rookie" $75.6 Million

3. "Moneyball" $75.6 Million

2. "42" $95.0 Million

1. "A League of Their Own" $107.5 Million  

What is your favorite baseball movie?  

Milwaukee Brewers Pay Tribute To The Sandlot - Thumbnail Image

Milwaukee Brewers Pay Tribute To The Sandlot

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