20 Years Ago This Week

Remember 20 years ago?  Yea, I don't either.  Or at least most of this.  20 years ago, I really wasn't tuned into pop culture.  I did watch a lot of TV, but we didn't have cable I'm pretty sure, and I didn't listen to much pop music.   I do remember the Seinfeld episode with the Frogger machine.   However I don't know if I am remembering it from reruns or from it's original airing.  I guess it doesn't really matter.  I also remember the song Next- Too Close, that was a big hit and stayed around for a while.  I also remember the Animated Batman cartoon.  I don't remember the Tarzan movie, or that song from Mono.  I don't recall seeing the movie Two Girls and a Guy, with Robert Downy Jr AKA Ironman. 

Watch the below video to see what you remember from 20 yrs ago.