NerdWriter A New (to me) YouTube Channel To Binge

Coming across content on YouTube, or any other social platform isn't usually difficult, aside from SnapChat. However find content that you enjoy can be difficult. 

So when I come across a good source of content I like to share it.   Either in person or on social media, and here on my blog.

My latest find comes from one of my current favorite content creators, Casey Niestat.  He uploaded a video with this creator,  Evan Puschak.  Evan's channel on YouTube is Nerdwriter1,  He has over 2 million subs, and has been on the platform since 2011.  So he has been around, I think I may have even seen some of his videos in the past.  But I hadn't known about the channel.   I am now a subscriber. Evan breaks down different topics on his channel in essays.  Topics range from movies, art, science, and social sciences. 

Below are a few samples of his work.