Cody Wanner Meets Peter Mckinnon

I nerd out a little bit when social media people I watch connect for a video.  I thought it was really cool when back in the day when people I like on Vine would end up in each others vines.  Now I have moved on to YouTube.   Cody Wanner and Peter Mckinnon are two YouTubers that I follow and watch their content on a regular basis. 

Cody, is a daily vlogger.  He publishes videos on his channel every day.  He has been doing daily videos since January of this year.  Peter has been publishing over a year, but has reached over 2 million subscribers.  Cody, had only reached about 2700 subs. But he was working hard and telling his story with a lot of energy and passion.  After his video with Peter his subs have shot up to over 21k. 

Peter contacted Cody after seeing some of his work and asked him to come to Toronto to vlog and talk about what they do.   Below is one of the videos that was published from that collaboration. 

Below, Cody and his wife did a live reaction video to his experience with Peter. 

Bonus video from Cody and Peter below.