Bride Cancels Wedding After Guests Refuse To Pay $1,500 To Attend.

Somewhere on a new scale of Bridezilla might be Susan.  Susan's story is causing a stir on the internet. A story published in, claims that a Canadian woman named Susan was asking her friends and family to pay to attend her wedding.  That didn't go over well with the guests and Susan had to cancel her wedding.  And she went on a rant on Facebook to tell everyone.  The Dailymail has some screen shots of this reported rant.  Susan accused her friends and family of ruining her marriage and her life.   Susan and her Groom were asking $1,500 from each guest.  Apparently only 8 people RSVP'd then the Groom's family retracted their offer, and the Maid of Honor.  Susan then refused the idea to get married in Vegas.  

Is this a real story?  Did, Susan really ask guests for that much money?