Woman Dips Chicken Finger In Soda at US Open

Woman Dips Chicken Finger in Soda at US Open A candid moment at the US Open has gone viral. Cameras caught a woman attending the tennis tournament snacking on some chicken fingers. What was unusual? The lady dipped her chicken finger in soda. While reactions went from "why" to "what the #$%@?," Someone at the tournament may have a clue as to why it happened. A Twitter user who was allegedly at the US Open said all of the ketchup dispensers were out. That's why she may have dipped her tender into the drink. What...there was no ranch or honey mustard there? Have you used anything weird as dip? Are you a 'French Fries in a Frosty' person? 

Fox 5 found the woman's name Alexa Greenfield, and caught up to her.   Apparently she knows how weird it is, but the soda dipping was introduced to her when she was young as a way of cooling off the chicken tender.