Father's Lesson To Daughter Goes Viral

Matt Cox of Swanton, posted a video on his Facebook page that has gone viral and has over 15 million views and over 64k comments on his post.  In the video Matt, is following his daughter as she walks 5 miles to school after she was kicked off the bus for the 2nd time for bullying, as Matt explains in the video.  Matt realizes that some parents might not like his method of disciplining his child but says that bullying is not acceptable in his house. 

Matt Cox was interviewed by the Sentinel Tribune:

“I love my daughter. It killed me to make her walk,” Cox said. “It was a 5-mile walk, although I did cave a little bit.”

On Monday, she walked 1.5 miles; on Tuesday, it was 1.7 miles and on Wednesday, it was 2.3 miles, he said.

The whole family was affected by the hundreds of comments from people who had been bullied — some many years ago — and were still hurting.

“I started crying. The amount of stories that I’m getting is unbelievable and the tragedies in them. A lot of people end up killing themselves,” Cox said.