Gordon Ramsay Kicks Off Season 8 of Hot Ones

One of the most requested guests on the YouTube show called "Hot Ones" is Gordon Ramsay.  He is a well know TV host and Chief.  Gordon is known for his abrasive persona.  He has done several TV shows where he ends up yelling at people on the shows.  

Some quotes from the video from Ramsay below. 

  • "Now I know what the f-ing song means ring of fire".
  • "That's like sticking your tongue in a plate of acid"
  • "Now I feel like I swallowed a mouth full of bandages"
  • "Man that's f-ing hot"
  • "Have you ever killed anybody"
  • "My groin is piping hot now"

Warning lots of swear words in this episode.

This episode might have the most swear words of any of the other "Hot Ones".