Who is really the G.O.A.T. Tom Brady or Michael Jordan?

Following and leading up to this years Super Bowl is maybe one of the biggest debates in sports, is it fair to compare Tom Brady and Michael Jordan? Tom Brady have 9 appearances in the biggest game in professional football and Michael Jordan's 6 NBA Championships. Depending on the specific question, and who you ask, you will get different answers. Yes, or No, or it depends?

Yes, it is fair to compare the two as they are both arguably the greatest at their positions. Michael Jordan is considered the be the best player in the NBA. When players are good currently the are compared to him, Jordan is the bar. He played in 6 NBA Championships and won 6. Tom Brady, has the most Super Bowl appearances and wins of any QB in the game. Perhaps a feat we will never see again, and he is still playing so far as we know right now.

No, Jordan never lost a championship he was in. He was physically dominate, and never lost a finals. Brady, has lost 3 Super Bowls. Being a Quarterback in the NFL takes some athleticism, not as much as being a point guard in the NBA.

I'm sure there are more points to be made on this subject either way.

This is a debate that will go on for a long time, even if Tom Brady gets to and wins another Super Bowl or two, I think the argument will go on.

Yesterday morning on First Take, Max Kellerman and Will Cain had a heated debate on the subject. Watch below.