18 Things You Can't Do at Disney World

If you plan on going to Disney World this spring or summer there are some things that you can not do at the Magic Kingdom. This video from Disney Food Blog on YouTube has a list of common rules that people try to break.

Below are some but not all things that you can't do at Disney according to the video.

  1. Spreading Ashes.
  2. Apparently some people try to spread their loved ones ashes at their favorite rides. This is not allowed even if you ask permission before hand.
  3. Flying a drone.
  4. A Lot of people might be tempted to bring a drone for some tasty video or photos to publish or save from their trip. However the park doesn't allow you to fly them. Parts of the park and resorts are no fly zones.
  5. Buy gum
  6. You can buy gum, they don't sell it there, and even don't sell it at the Orlando International airport. You can bring your own gum, the won't confiscate it though.
  7. Go on an attraction by yourself if you're under 7 years old
  8. Children under 7 must be accompanied by someone at least 14 years old. So if you have an older child and a younger child like I do a seven and five year old, the five year old will have to ride with an adult from our group.
  9. Carry Political Signs
  10. You also can't distribute pamphlets or hold demonstrations, give speeches at the park.
  11. Banned items, don't bring a selfie stick
  12. Among the banned items from the park that might be a surprise to some is the selfie stick. You also can't bring in a folding chair.
  13. You also, can bring in glass containers, hard sided coolers, weapons real or fake, alcohol, wagons, and pets that aren't service animals.
  14. You can't sell things
  15. Pin trading is popular but you can't exchange money for them.
  16. Adults guests can't wear costumes, except for special events.
  17. Only employees can wear the costumes, because kids might think you are characters it could cause a problem.
  18. You can't dress inappropriately.
  19. Clothing that has objectionable material, including obscene language can't be worn. Or wear clothing that is excessively torn or revealing
  20. Animal Kingdom doesn't allow balloons
  21. Balloons can be dangerous to the animals, as well as plastic straws.
  22. Taking flash photography
  23. This rule probably gets broken the most, it can be disruptive to others trying to enjoy attractions.
  24. Running is prohibited
  25. This is another rule that probably gets broken especially at rope drops. Just be aware that security may stop you if you're running.
  26. You are not allowed to remove your shirt or shoes.
  27. This goes back to the dressing appropriately rule. Nobody would want to see me with my shirt off. Pools and waterparks are an exception. It does rain sometimes, and you might want to have a back up pair of shoes or buy flip flops if the ones you're wearing get wet.
  28. Wearing flip flops on Soarin'
  29. Anything that could fall off might end up in the big pit under the screen. The flip flops can go in the bin under the seat.
  30. Smoke outside of designated areas
  31. Disney is fairly strict on this and it includes vaping.
  32. Not allowed to cut in lines
  33. This includes rides, attractions, character lines. If someone in your group isn't with you, wait to enter the line until they are all there.
  34. You can't roll through the parks.
  35. No rollerskates, or segues, or wheelie shoes or skateboards. You can have wheelchairs or ECV's or scooters.
  36. You also can't film a movie.
  37. Vloggers seem to be ok, but you aren't allowed to record a film. Although some have been made covertly.