Gnista Spirits Will Pay You To Party Without Drinking

A Swedish-based company called Gnista Spirits will pay you to party without the booze!

This is perfect if you're participating in Dry January right?

The company is looking for two "highly experienced party animals" to go out and party without drinking.

So here's the deal— Gnista will set you up with the "ultimate night out in Stockholm filled with overpriced dinner, pregame, and clubbing 'til dawn." Of course the only thing is you can't drink real cocktails only mocktails.

"Gnista is newly launched and proud to offer the only non-alcoholic spirit that truly resembles a fine spirit," the job description states. "Taste wise this statement has been verified by a number of established bartenders and industry experts. Now it’s time to put the feeling to the test." 

The rate for the gig is $50 an hour but travel costs and hotel expenses will be covered by Gnista. For more info click here.

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