Cheetos Is Now Selling Cheetos Popcorn In Two Flavors

Cheetos is finally giving us popcorn!

The ready-to-eat popcorn comes in two flavors: Flamin’ Hot, obviously, because let's be honest it's what the people want, and original cheddar.

The popcorn is infused with the "Cheetle" from these beloved Cheetos flavors. If you don't know what "Cheetle" is, its a newly coined word by Cheetos to describe the orange dust that gets all over your hands when you eat the stuff.

The cheddar comes in seven-ounce bags and the Flamin’ Hot comes in six-and-a-half-ounce bags for a suggested retail price of $3.99. Smaller two-ounce bags come at a suggested retail price of $1.89.

We're just trying to figure out why the Flamin' Hot bag is smaller?! Maybe because they know we're going to finish the entire bag in one sitting.

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