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WWE’s LA Knight Talks About Roman Reigns, Memories of NYC, Music & More

I had a chance to kick it with WWE “Megastar” LA Knight before he tries to dethrone WWE Champion Roman Reigns at “Crown Jewel” in Saudi Arabia. 

We discussed:

The mindset going into, arguably, the biggest match of his life in Saudi Arabia. 

What must you wear to accurately dress up like LA Knight for Halloween.

Personal memories of NYC. 

What do his hand signals mean every time he gets on the turnbuckle. 

The music he listens to. 

His favorite album. 

Celebrating 20 years in the wrestling industry. 

Why does he wear Timbs when he’s not wrestling but in the ring. 

The “YEAH! Revolution”. 

The difference in LA Knight’s handling success 15 years ago compared to today. 

Having no difference between LA Knight the babyface and the heel. 

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