Did I Drop the Ball on Father's Day?

To say that I can be a bad daughter is quite the understatement. No seriously sometimes I just completely drop the ball and I think I did for Fathers Day this year. Here's the thing. My dad travels A LOT. And he's currently trying to build his new house. By himself. Yes my dad all of a sudden thinks hes a carpenter and let me tell you for the past couple of months we've been digging trenches to try to drain his current swamp of a property. I'm sorry did you hear me? I said that I've been digging trenches... LITERAL TRENCHES every weekend.


So when it came to Father's Day this year I asked my dad, hey my dude, what can I get you for Father's Day?


His epic response? Nothing. He literally said I don't want anything. And if you don't now my dad, he means that. He hates all holidays, like Christmas, birthdays, and really just any situation that requires a gift. And honestly, I agree with him. I'd much rather spend time with the people I love than get a coffee mug.


But still I didn't drop it. I said I'm not doing nothing so you've got to tell me what you want. After WEEKS of pestering him he finally broke down and said fine, I don't want anything but you're help fixing the lawn mower and helping me start work on the new driveway. Which let me tell you gave me a huge sigh of relief because I had a plan. I can help him work at the new place and then buy him his favorite dinner and watch some movies. A week out and I was actually feeling like I had a plan!


That backfired quickly because I didn't factor in that these plans were 100% dependent on Mother Nature and she can be so rude and inconsiderate because what happened Father's Day weekend? RAIN AND STORMS ALL WEEKEND.


I know what you're thinking, what's the big deal, it's just a bit of rain? THAT MEANS THE PROPERTY FLOODED AGAIN AND WE CAN'T DO ANY WORK. Ok so we can't do work what now? I HAVE NO IDEA. I had no plan B. No gift, no ideas, no nothing.


So instead of helping my dad get a project done, I sat next to him as he checked his work emails and packed to fly out the next day being completely unhelpful and a terrible child feeling guilty for completely dropping the ball.


So essentially this is the story of how I learned to always have a backup plan because I'm a horrible daughter that totally dropped the ball on Father's Day. Honestly thank God he loves me because I can really suck sometimes.


Now help me feel better! Let me know how you completely dropped the ball in the comments!

Meaghan Mick

Meaghan Mick

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