I had a freakout during dinner...

My boss yelled at me for not having a blog for this week so I was sitting all day trying to come up with something to write about. Thankfully (well maybe not now that I think about it) I had found my content... I had a freakout during dinner prep tonight and my brother tries to tell the story of what happened.

We also talk about Irish names that are impossible to pronounce, who's the best late night talk show host, and I actually kill it with the best analogy of all time involving soccer... Or my brother would argue football. The conversations are random, the string of thought isn't always there but this is genuinely a phone recording of us on the couch eating dinner and I hope you enjoy an authentic peek into our lives and how stupid we both genuinely are.

Beware before entering: cursing does pop up but because we recorded this on my phone last second we forgot that we were recording at parts. Tell us in the comments who's right and wrong.

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