If you have a daughter, you need to join me!

This weekend I'm super excited to be back speaking again at the Total Package Girl "Be The Force" Girl Leadership Summit. This is exactly the kind of event that I wish there was when I was a pre teen and teenager because I needed to hear three words more than anything else:

You'll be fine.

Do you ever look back at that age when cliques start forming and expectations of your life and how you're supposed to act, and what you're supposed to look like start coming at you like a train with no breaks and your whole world just kinda changes? And the fun part was nobody really reached out and told you you're fine, and those girls that are treating you badly won't matter in a couple of years. When did you actually feel listened to by an adult? When did an adult look at you and say hey, I get what you're going through. It happened to me and I'm here to help you?

Thats what this summit is all about!

It's about breaking stereotypes, and discovering your inner beauty. It's about being the best version of yourself and knowing that that's enough. Its about love and girl power and confidence and if you have a daughter in your life who needs to hear that she is enough, and hear it from her peers then you've got to come join me this weekend at the Stranahan theater.

I'd love for you to join me and if you want to get tickets CLICK HERE!!!

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