Sisanie Has a Wedding Anniversary Dilemma: Watch


Congrats and celebrations are in order! Sisanie and her husband, Michael, are celebrating their sixth (!!!) wedding anniversary this weekend. The mom to twins Aiza and Maxon shared on-air on Monday, January 13, that they’re excited, but ran into a slight snafu while planning the celebrations.

“I told Michael like a few months ago pretty specifically what I want to do for our anniversary,” Sis shared. “… And usually when I suggest, he comes through and it’s great, and I just wanted to go to my favorite restaurant in a certain city … but they’re booked.”

Seacrest pointed out that he’s not keen on Sisanie "telling" Michael what she wants to do 😂 but he’s onboard with their plans to enjoy a mini staycation in a different city with the same restaurant.


“Since we’re going to go a little bit big with [the staycation], [I’m like] 'why don’t we not do gifts since we’re going to be spending?’” Sisanie added, revealing that now she’s torn on getting Michael a gift or not since he already got her one …

According to the traditional gifts, the sixth anniversary gift is candy (“for sweetness) or iron (“for strength”).

Watch back the on-air moment above and sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan!

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