2011 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Do you ever think about how strange award shows must be for celebs when they have dated and famously broken up with other celebs?

Yeaaaah, I actually think about this every time award season rolls around because that must be like attending a REALLY big wedding with your ex, maybe multiple of your exes, and potentially their new significant others!

So, here are some of the exes that may run into each other this weekend at the Teen Choice Awards this Sunday...

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber - there's no confirmation of whether or not Justin will appear since cancelling his Purpose World Tour, but he is nominated... against Selena's new boyfriend, The Weeknd.

Zayn and Perrie Edwards - this is another one that has potential to be awkward because of Zayn's new relationship with Gigi Hadid. Both Zayn and Perrie are nominated at the show, so it's pretty likely they're going to show up, should their schedule allow it.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston - this one is super unlikely. Being that Taylor Swift has hardly been seen in public in what feels like an entire year, and that she has been in court this week in a highly publicized trial, it's doubtful that she's going to want to hit the red carpet this weekend. But if she does, there's that chance she could run into her ex Tom... or Calvin Harris, for that matter. Maybe this weekend isn't the time for Taylor to come back into the public eye, but let's hope it is SOON!

Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner - these two were just the cutest couple and I'm pretty sad to hear they've broken up. But alas... They only revealed they had broken up recently, so this is a pretty fresh group of exes to have a run in. That being said, they seem like the type to be pretty friendly regardless.  

Running into an ex is always really weird, but maybe in an award show setting they can just avoid each other right?!

Good luck to everyone nominated and performing this weekend!

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