This Is How Many 'Mistakes' Parents Make Per Year While Raising Kids

As my fellow parents know, when you have kids, you constantly are thinking of them and wondering if how you're raising them is the "right" way.

Well, just to add a little fuel to your worrisome fire... there is a new study that came out showing parents make an average of 221 "parenting mishaps" per YEAR while raising our kids.

Before you panic, I have to say, take the study with a grain of salt. Some of the "parenting mishaps" are stuff we ALL do and our kids will absolutely survive from. Like occasionally giving them too much screen time or letting them watch something not age appropriate.

But here's the details on the study: it included 2,000 parents (who were ages 23 and up) and found the average parent commits 221 little hiccups per year – adding up to 3,978 between their child’s birth and age 18.

The "mistakes" that were most common included screen time, teaching your kids swear words and letting them watch things that aren't appropriate for their age.

Overall, though, the survey conducted by OnePoll really found that modern parenting can be more about embracing the imperfections and making the most out of what you've got! Maybe you HAVE to use screen time to keep the kids calm on a flight or the kids accidentally hear you say a swear word and repeat it. Teach them it's wrong and move on!

The survey also examined other parents of parenting and found that the youngest child are most likely to cause trouble and give their parents a headache. But ALSO it found that 50 percent of parents have admitted that their youngest child is also their favorite child. So... take that for what it's worth (as a youngest child, I love this fact.)

As for where parents get parenting advice? First they turn to their partner, then to their own mother, and THEN to other parents.

So there you have it. We all make mistakes. Accept it and move on, right?

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