Soon You Can Bring Home Your Own Baby Yoda From Build-A-Bear

Build-A-Bear Workshop Store At Mall of America

Build-A-Bear Workshop Store At Mall of America

Even if you don't watch The Mandalorian on Disney+, you know and love Baby Yoda. There's something so special about Baby Yoda... more accurately known as "The Child" in the show.

And since our obsession for Baby Yoda as a nation (and a world, really) has grown so much since the introduction of the little guy, there are now all kinds of merch and ways to honor Baby Yoda in your home, on your clothes, whatever you can think of!

AND NOW, Build-A-Bear has announced they will soon offer a Baby Yoda "bear" to stuff at their stores! The announcement came yesterday as Build-A-Bear's CEO, Sharon Price John announced the new toy at the ICR 2020 Conference in Orlando.

Sharon explained:

“I’m excited to share that we will be one of the first companies to be able to provide the new digital and internet phenomenon, who actually is trending higher than all the presidential candidates combined... If any of you has seen 'The Mandalorian,' we now will have The Child, also known as Baby Yoda.”

The fact that Baby Yoda is a bigger trend than the presidential candidates is a little bit hilarious. That's how much this little guy has captivated the nation!!!

There is no official release date for when the new toy will be available in stores, but it is expected in the next "couple of months."

UHMMM can we get it ASAP?!

There are other Baby Yoda toys available through Disney, but they aren't actually PHYSICALLY available yet and have only been made available for pre-order. Those currently on pre-order will be available starting in April, which is likely similar to when the Build-A-Bear will be hitting stores.

And if you're wondering why no one was prepared for this Baby Yoda obsession - it's because the creators of the show wanted to keep the show a secret, so they did not make Baby Yoda toys or merchandise ahead of the release of the show.

Will you be stopping in (with your kids or not!) for a Baby Yoda when it hits Build-A-Bear stores??

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