These Are The Thanksgiving Items You Can Carry On When Flying

Unrecognizable person carving roasted turkey during Thanksgiving dinner at dining table.

Unrecognizable person carving roasted turkey during Thanksgiving dinner at dining table.

Have you ever considered straight up carrying your Thanksgiving turkey onto a flight? I bet you questioned if that is even possible... but guess what, it totally is. And you're welcome to carry on a cooked OR uncooked turkey, if you so desire.

Of course, the CDC has recommended people do not travel this year due to the recent surge in COVID around the United States (and a lot of the world) however, if you are *safely* traveling for any number of reasons, these are the Thanksgiving dinner items that you can actually bring onto the plane with you.

The rules are pretty simple, really: Anything solid can go through airport security. Anything liquid or spreadable can’t — and needs to be packed carefully inside a checked bag.

These are the things that CAN be carried on:

Turkey, cook or uncooked

Beef or pork, cooked or uncooked


Pumpkin pie


Any fresh fruit and veggie, including yams and Brussel sprouts

Things that need to be checked:


Cranberry sauce


Apple cider

Homemade preserves

Anything else liquid

While you may be wondering why anyone is bringing a turkey to their destination Thanksgiving, I suppose one option is that they're taking their family out of SoCal for the holiday and are renting a home for some time for the holiday!

Generally, if you're visiting family, you wouldn't need to bring your own turkey. But hey! With the way the world is right now, there's also a chance that you WOULD need to bring your own turkey even if you are visiting friends and family.

As always, I hope everyone has an incredible happy and safe holiday this year! My husband, the kids and I are planning on just sticking around at home and enjoying our first real holiday just us! It will be strange and we'll miss our family, but I think it's the right call this year!

What are your holiday plans? Leave me a Yap below!

Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone!

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