Kristen Wiig Jokes About How She Gets Time Away From Her Twins

Downsizing Premiere & Opening Ceremony - 74th Venice Film Festival

Downsizing Premiere & Opening Ceremony - 74th Venice Film Festival

If you're a parent, you know that sometimes you have to sneak in alone time when you have the chance. Which is why so many parents admit to closing the bathroom door and sitting in there for much longer than really needed, just for a moment of peace and quiet.

So when Kristen Wiig just jokingly said she goes outside and "sits on the curb" just to get time away from her twins.

If you missed it, Kristen and her husband Avi Rothman welcomed twins via surrogate about 15 months ago. And while stopping by The Late Late Show with James Corden, she joked that when she needs alone time, she just goes outside for a moment.

"Um, I go outside and sit on the curb sometimes... Because I'm afraid, I don't wanna go on a full walk because then sometimes I feel like, 'Oh, I should be there.' But I need to get out, so I sit on the curb. Or just walk around in the driveway and FaceTime..."

Annie Mumolo was also on the show with her - they were there promoting Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar - and she agreed that stepping away can feel like a "vacation."

Watch the relatable mom clip here:

It also recently was speculated that Kristen revealed the names of her twins in the credits for the new movie.

In the "special thanks" acknowledgments, Kristen thanks "Luna & Shiloh" which people are speculating are the names of the twins, as Annie also thanked her children in "special thanks" section.

The names are soooo so cute! And I really feel like I can relate to Kristen right now... being quarantined during this pandemic with 2-year-old and her with 1-year-old twins... OOH boy, I'll start taking her "sit on the curb outside" idea!

If you're a mom - how are you getting time away during the pandemic?? Yap with me!

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