Changes May Be Coming To Los Angeles Street Sweeping



If you live on a street in Los Angeles that has weekly street sweeping, you may be thrilled to hear this news: the city is cutting back on sweeping!

The reason this is great news for those of you who park on the streets that have sweeping is because 1) it means having to move your car and be stressed about moving your car less often, and 2) less parking tickets on those days when you TOTALLY space!

Starting YESTERDAY, March 1, street sweeping has moved from weekly to every other week. This change is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and staff reductions, but I think it also may have come from realizing that it isn't necessarily needed every single week. If you remember, last March for several months, street sweeping ended entirely due to the pandemic.

If you're worried about remembering which week is on and which week is off, a notification system was launched by the city and there’s a map that can be accessed anytime! You can input your address in order to get notifications 24 hours before your street will be swept. I wish this existed back when I lived on a street with sweeping! I used to live somewhere that one side of the street was swept on Mondays and the other side on Wednesdays and it felt like we were constantly stressed about moving the cars.

Of course now that it is moving to every other week, remembering to move the car will be even trickier. The Bureau of Street Services will also send notifications about street sweeping to social media platforms like Nextdoor!

They’re really trying to make it as easy as possible, but you know we all will still be really confused. I definitely would sign up for the alerts if I still lived on a street with sweeping!

To sign up for the alerts you can go to,

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