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Have You Heard Of Robot Farming?

Organic nature hydroponics farm concept.Greenhouse farm farming organic vegetable.Nature vegetable garden with green leaf background.

Photo: Chadchai Ra-ngubpai / Moment / Getty Images

A startup named Plenty is pioneering a new way to grow leafy greens – inside a high-tech indoor farm run almost entirely by robots… right here in Compton!

And apparently… it’s some of the freshest and most flavorful lettuce out there!

But remember… this is grown without sun, without soil, or even human hands touching the plants! It’s a highly automated process that looks more like a factory than a traditional farm.

It starts with seeds being robotically planted and moved into a giant eight-story nursery room to germinate. The rooms are lit by LEDs and optimized for each specific crop.

Once they pass each stage of growth… they move on to another robot etc.

PROS: Efficiency, lower cost, higher quality, no pesticides, or human contact…so no need to wash it.

CONS: A loss of jobs, negative environmental impacts, loss of traditional skills over time…

Are we intrigued???? Is this the future????

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