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Sunday Night Football Went Full Swiftie!

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets

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I was never more excited to watch a Kansas City Chiefs game than last night…and that says a lot coming from a Chargers fan!

But even Sunday Night Football on NBC went full Swiftie a few days before the game with a promo showcasing both teams but the track was non-other than Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York”.

So, we were all glued to our TV’s last night to see if we get a repeat Taylor sighting at another Chiefs game… and we sure did!

Taylor slipped in through a back area, but got caught on camera entering the building.

This time around, TayTay had some A-list company ... including Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Sabrina Carpenter…AND SOPHIE TURNER. And again…she was in luxury suite and joined by Travis's mom, Donna Kelce!

Before the game started, Carson Daily really broke down SNF for swifties.

Some might've thought this “love story” was all BS at first (Tanya), but it's sure looking more real by the day.

There were reports that Travis Kelce even swung by Taylor's NYC apartment before the game -- so yeah all signs point to this being an intimate thing!!!

She looked nervous toward the end…but the Chiefs prevailed 23-20.

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