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Everyone Should Add A Show At The Vegas Sphere To Their Bucket List!

Sphere Opening Night

Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

This past weekend U2 opened up their 25-show residency at the Sphere in Vegas and the visuals were out of this world!

From what I saw online… it looked like you were outside at times. It looked like the ceiling was falling other times.

It looked like you were in space!

U2 kicked off the $2.3 billion Sphere, which stands 366-feet high and 516-feet wide.

Aside from the crystal-clear audio… the kaleidoscope images were some of the wildest ones I saw.

There were more than 18,000 attendees on opening night alone.

Like I said, seeing a band at this venue whether it’s U2 or not, is A MUST!!!! They’re there until Dec 16th! The next few shows are sold out…but there are some available next week…starting at $1100.

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