Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics: (6/21/24-6/23/24)

Kicked off my weekend with YOU. If you came out to The Dave Ryan Show Happy Hour at Maynard's, thank you so much! We had a blast and it was so cool hanging out. Let's do it again sometime...

Look at this good looking ass morning show!!

Saturday night I was one of the MANY adults that went to theaters to watch Inside Out 2. No spoilers but it was soooo good and the message it gave was a bit triggering, in a good way. It was very much a life lesson that I think resonates with adults so well and teaches kids something early in life. Also always cool that the main character, Riley, is from Minnesota.

Here's me soaking up the sun that we haven't seen in the Twin Cities in over a week! I went on a nice little adventure outside on Sunday night. Immediately after taking this photo I saw a family of slugs which I now regret not taking a photo of.

Ended the weekend making my Sunday dinner. I did one of my favorites - ribs and mac and cheese. Mac and cheese made from scratch of course... and not a Velveeta box...

Keep an eye out for my photos from next weekend because my family is in town for the first time!!!!

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