COLUMBUS, OHIO (WSPD) -- Ohio's unemployment rate dropped to 5.7 percent in April, the lowest level in more than six years.

April's rate is down from 6.1 percent in March and the lowest jobless rate since February 2008.

"In April there were 12,000 more people working according to the household survey and 12,600 more jobs according to the business survey, so the surveys lined up very nicely," said Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services spokesman Ben Johnson.

Ohio's rate remains below the national rate, which fell to 6.3 percent in April from 6.7 percent in March. The number of unemployed workers in Ohio in April was 328,000, down 26,000 from March.

"The unemployment rate last year was 7.5 percent. The unemployment rate at its worse was 10.6 percent. That was in late 2009 and early 2010," he said.

But the state's labor force continues to shrink, shedding 14,000 people last year.

"There are probably as many reasons that people leave the labor force as there are people who leave. In other words, everyone makes their own decision," Johnson said. "What I can tell you is that a decrease in the over the last two months in Ohio mirrors what we've seen nationally."

The biggest gains came in manufacturing, retail, and transportation, warehousing and utilities.