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Apparently Lady Gaga is as good a Godmother as she is a pop star!  On Thursday's "Extra," Elton John and husband David Furnish said that they asked Gaga to be the Godmother of their new son Elijah, who they welcomed in January. 

She already is the Godmother of their first child, two-year-old Zachary.  John called Gaga "a great role model," and said that he's sure she will help their sons in the years to come, when they'll have to deal with living in the spotlight.  He said, "We're all bonkers in this business, but we're human beings at the same time." 

When John first confirmed the rumors to Barbara Walters in 2011, he called Gaga was "a real simple person" under all her outrageous clothes, and one that "loves her parents." 

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