Ha. What Amazon suggests if you try to buy a scale from them.

A $624 airport parking bill. It's complicated. 

Recasting Major League 25 years later, with current MLB players. 

Here's what we didn't see because it fcuking snowed!

 More space, China wants to begin militarizing space. Not a bad idea. I mean, eventually that's going to be important. 

Glow in the dark roads debut in Netherlands. 

The incomparable Hans Zimmer will score the Batman/Superman movie. Zimmers done that for many of the movies you know, but his work is classic for the Nolan Batman movies. 

Performances in summer movies to pay attention to. 

The gorgeous Irina Shayk in the sea with pigs

More on the Lunar Eclipse, we swear it's happening, from 13 ABC.

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